About Entrepreneurship

”Entrepreneurship is something that carries on all the time, with everyday things mixed with the most exciting and fascinating projects and deals. Everyday chores can include book-keeping, payments, sending out quotations, cleaning, planning, coaching and so on. Some of the things you do subconsciously, without thinking that you actually are leading your staff, checking the market, building relationships and creating new business opportunities. When everything is doing well, it is a fantastic mess of happenings where one thing leads on to another.

As an entrepreneur you have to be open minded and ”when in Rome, do as the Romans do” to make sure things happen the way you want them to. The culture, your own and the society’s, will stir and influence you. Scarce resources and bottlenecks will become an everyday issue that you have to contend with. Many times it will be like working as a fire-fighter – it feels like you are just running around headfirst, even though you have a plan.”

From the book ”Can! –  The story of when I became an international entrepreneur”