Bit by bit, inch by inch…..

So many things to do….  But at the same time it’s just for me to tick of from the list. I also get a LOT OF HELP from the team at BooksActually. They are simply wonderful.

BooksActuallyThe book is growing side by side, and I asked Kenny yesterday how many pages, and now it is approx incredibly 220 pages in it. That is so great!!
I have been worried that it would come out as a thin little thing that no one would eye at all. Now it will be a full, thick and beautiful little baby that fits perfect in your hand or bag, that will be in all book counters all over the world (I wish, hahahaha)
I went to 100% design fair at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre the other day. An amazing building complex in which I almost got lost, trying to find my good friend Albano. Finally we met up and entered the fair to have a glimpse of nice both local and international furniture design.

Marina bay SandsNow I’m searching for a caterer that can help us with some Scandinavian tidbits/ canapés for the launch. Spoke to my old classmate Amanda, who runs a cooking school, and she will forward me to some friends of hers. It’s marvellous to have all these fabulous friends here in my second ”hometown” in the world.

It will all come to pieces soon.