Plan, plan and please plan some more

”Planning, planning, planning…
To plan a project is very important for an entrepreneur,
and even more so if the idea is completely new and
maybe one does not have experience from the market
to start up a company. It is not always easy to plan, but
if one is realistic and smart, usually it works. It means
that you will get a plan that can take you the whole
way. The plan is the tool that you shall use to get your
idea to become reality and a success.
Try to get help from “experts” within certain areas to
get as correct assumptions as possible, for example
about the market and competitors. One has to plan
for resources, activities and time, and all parts have
to work hand-in-hand in the end. Plan one part at a
time and then put them together. Many parts go both
parallel and sequentially at the same time. Therefore
one should try to keep an eye on the so-called “critical
line” so nothing will stop this interdependent process.”

The text above is taken from my book ”CAN!” which was launched in Singapore November 2012 and is on its way to Sweden as we speak.

I came to think about it now when I am once again sitting and planning for my company. To plan might feel a bit like ”dry-swimming” but I can tell you that by planning what you are supposed to do, will give you a lot of advantage once the real ”swimming” starts.
I am just about to plan for the launch of ”CAN!” here in Sweden. It feels a bit nervous and at the same time it feels GREAT to finally be able to move on with my ideas and experiences. I hope you all would like to join me on this journey.

All the best to you all this January Monday afternoon